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Event Marketing

You have a goal, and you need a way to reach it.

At Didy Branding, we combine our marketing resources and in-house production facilities to create a custom program that gets you where you need to go no matter what the hurdles.

We mix and match from our portfolio of services to develop custom programs to compliment your needs. So whether you are planning a Golf Tournament, Awareness programs, or a tradeshow, we create turnkey packages and provide you a solution not just a promotional product.

Take a look below to learn more about a few of our marketing solutions:

Charity Awareness Programs

Whether your event calls for pink-inspired breast cancer awareness items or themed products to promote other causes, we have just the right items to convey your message before, during, and long after the event is over.

Eco Awareness Programs

Make the most out of every marketing opportunity with just the right eco-friendly item for your event. From Pens, flashlights, and bags we have solutions to fit every budget.

Golf Tournament Solutions

The popularity of golf cannot be denied, and Didy Branding has hundreds of options to help you capitalise on everything you need to promote golfing events, or just to appeal to the business executive who likes to spend his time on the greens. Give him everything he needs from customised golf balls and tees, caps and hats, to rainwear and vests.

School Spirit

Every school is looking for ways to bring the team together, convey spirit among the students and fans, and raise money.Didy Branding has the solutions for all of those things.

Trade Show Solutions

Making a good first impression, and ensuring a positive long-term impression are essential at trade shows. Attendees are bombarded with messages and giveaways. What are you going to do to make sure your message gets across? That's where Didy Branding comes in.